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This post is written for Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.

           Each one of us played with clay, paint etc.. and as soon as we got into studies which introduced us to electronics.We  started to forget all our hobbies.Most of us had preconceived notions about the subject and dint bother to study in detail.Innovative thinkers like Matt Johnson dint stop their hobbies from stopping their study, instead they made electronic circuits easy to some extent. He not only thought that paint can also be used as good conductor of electricity but also changed the ways in which this circuit with paints be used.

       One uncommon thing between other innovative thinkers and Matt is that,after he came up with an idea, he planted seeds in other mind and made them think too. He could collect ideas from different age groups, different sections of people, some used the paint in dried form,few in liquid state in the bulb,few others on a paper and made it creative art. 
      Whether a kid interested in arts or science, an adult interested in creative thinking, this video here is a must watch to energise your brain a unearth your hidden creativity. 

The link to video is below 

The perfect road trip

The trip was with a new companion
the one, who was going to be my companion for whole life

yes, it was the trip from my rooty
to the destination, where there is life's beauty

Trips starts with excitement
but this one started with commitment

After getting married
I was being carried

As my companion was the one
to whom,i can match none

thought of missing my home, filled my mind with sadness
but the clasp of his hands,turned it into comfortness

for this trip all along
he made sure,nothing went wrong

the time spent travelling on road
was more with emotions and joy that he owed

the trip ended at our destination
soon arrived with fascination

the trip was with my love
who is a blessing, sent from above

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