water Walk
I dnt wanna know my birth star,
coz I m born to b a star!

why to be unto anyone
when each individual is unique one

Dnt hunt for you future
it wont convey u,to do so-its no preacher

Wen ur actions make u shine,
there u find your future in line

Smile at your problem,
it doesn't approach you to n fro,its no pendulum

Life's rules r not traffic rules , for letting others to create
n u juz follow n meditate

U create ur rule,Let ppl play their role,
Dnt let it affect ur soul

Around u create a danger zone
not happiness but for worry alone


  1. Nice one, very rhyming & written with lot of insight into the subject...a subject so abstract. I liked your take on problems, problems come & go, they are indeed not pendulum. Life would be very hard & so not good, if problems kept coming isn't it ? Doesn't your poem have a title ?

    1. @ astrosunilnomy TITLE? I've left to the readers to suggest one!