water Walk

Cherish,Dnt Perish

When I watch d plesant nite sky,
D cool breeze says hi!

I reciv d smile of stars
Tht r stretch across,with no bars

I wish I catch their twinkle in my hand
But its nt possible even thru a wand

Then I hear d thunder,
I know its nt a blunder

Its d sign of rain
N nt to run in vain

Full stop! Says d round moon in joy
For me to stay n enjoy

Coz d its d nite to hav fun
No matter, u hav worries- a ton

Beneath my feet,formed a puddle
Saying to jump in joy,u dnt need a saddle

Many rain drops lashed
N conyed that my pain got smashed

After every day,wen its nite
I still imagine d merserising sight

Its obvious that,Memories r nt perish
But they r to cherish!

Lots in life

Wen v lie within d walls
Luking at d colors that r false

V wither away
Not rising in any way

Life needs a goal
To fill its hole

Don’t dump d hole with worriers
Caution! they may result in alive burries

Life may float as a tiny leaflet, on ocean vast
Or like a star in universe, it shall last

Choice is urs to choose d walk
N not to juz enjoy d lazy park

To park,is to rest n energise
N once u know it,u r wise

Each petty success u attain
Its d zeal that u ll maintain

Don’t think ur goal is impossibly big
Optimist’s spirit shall turn it possibly, as small as a fig

Once d richness of values u acquire
Ther may b nothing u require

So dnt get tangled to frothy lots
Juz remember u need to achive lots n lots..

Thoughts Taught

When an artist looks a picture n keeps painting
Only d thught to match it, keeps haunting

Let he concentrate, on d art he creates
Instead of d fact whtr it imitates

When a poet watches d sceenary
Thughts wander in his memory

Instead of thughts that suppress
He shuld enjoy d words he can express

If beauty of life is affected by comparision
Then its nt d beauty, but illusion

So dnt let d thughts drown u
Thughts r meant to lift u

Wen Thughts can give u d guts to imagine
Then they are assets u need to preserve within

Don't burn ur desire,keep it burning!

Before you stand by your desire
ensure that your life can withstand,what you aspire
Only then U'll find this free air,is indeed free to respire

Life is fun,if u pass through the situation 
Trying to skip it without caution?
will lead u to ups n downs,& then frustration

Measure your ego
Never let it go
otherwise happiness will seem like,sometime ago

In sadness,don't exaggerate 
its time for u to accelerate
to attain victory & commemorate

Cross the hurdles in line
And still think u are fine
such burning desire will make u shine

In yourself, u have trust
then around u forms a crust
which no failure can burst

Don't fall for any unpleasant word
Facing it will sharpen u as a sword
keep your desire burning,don't be bored

Life span is sufficient,if u think
its great gift by God's wink
which may vanish,if u don't nothing n just blink

Be scared of none
try to be the one
who keeps his desire burning as the Sun

MOM-Mother Of Me

Mothers cant be many,
Like her cant be any

Words she says,
are the guiding rays

She teaches us ways to live,
Its too little,in return whatever we give

At times we may grumble
yet she remains,forever humble

Her love for us is always true,
Its biggest blunder in universe,asking her to prove

Strength in her bond is invisible
miracles from which are many a times feasible

She strives hard inspite of agony,
so that we enjoy the life symphony

Words to describe her are few
As her sacrifices,unspoken are new
Life brought me into a situation like this,
Where I cant enjoy the bliss

Love is what all expect
Yet, Things are lot to accept

When there is nothing to suspect,
Such love deserves respect

Life is said to be a game,
And love in it, adds fame

Love is just so much fun
Yet, risks in it, cant be none

In love we find, pleasure in pain,
And wish no gain

Why does anyone propose?
Is it the life’s purpose!

Yet, I need to enjoy this bliss!
Coz its something, which I can’t, miss…