water Walk

Dawn of the dusk

Dusk n dawn,both begin with "d"
patiently read d following letters three

Dusk in life makes u drown
Dawn in life gets u crown

wait for fruits
but start with d root

both are result of each other
u 'll understand wen u really bother

worrying makes u go mad
having hope shall make u glad

what u think in mind
is what u r going to find

be wise to choose,letting it loose?
is what u ll lose

wen to something u love,
it speeds towards u n bow

instead of repenting,thinking its fate
act before its late

to acquiring d need,just fight
using all your might

wen u learn a lesson,
follow it,n not pile up into lesson's mansion..

imbibe in u,what u spire to b
soon u will proudly say-"that's me!"

1 comment:

  1. Loved your rhyme and the two line word-play
    Simple but soul-stirring all the way.