water Walk

Don't burn ur desire,keep it burning!

Before you stand by your desire
ensure that your life can withstand,what you aspire
Only then U'll find this free air,is indeed free to respire

Life is fun,if u pass through the situation 
Trying to skip it without caution?
will lead u to ups n downs,& then frustration

Measure your ego
Never let it go
otherwise happiness will seem like,sometime ago

In sadness,don't exaggerate 
its time for u to accelerate
to attain victory & commemorate

Cross the hurdles in line
And still think u are fine
such burning desire will make u shine

In yourself, u have trust
then around u forms a crust
which no failure can burst

Don't fall for any unpleasant word
Facing it will sharpen u as a sword
keep your desire burning,don't be bored

Life span is sufficient,if u think
its great gift by God's wink
which may vanish,if u don't nothing n just blink

Be scared of none
try to be the one
who keeps his desire burning as the Sun

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