water Walk

Cherish,Dnt Perish

When I watch d plesant nite sky,
D cool breeze says hi!

I reciv d smile of stars
Tht r stretch across,with no bars

I wish I catch their twinkle in my hand
But its nt possible even thru a wand

Then I hear d thunder,
I know its nt a blunder

Its d sign of rain
N nt to run in vain

Full stop! Says d round moon in joy
For me to stay n enjoy

Coz d its d nite to hav fun
No matter, u hav worries- a ton

Beneath my feet,formed a puddle
Saying to jump in joy,u dnt need a saddle

Many rain drops lashed
N conyed that my pain got smashed

After every day,wen its nite
I still imagine d merserising sight

Its obvious that,Memories r nt perish
But they r to cherish!

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