water Walk

Lots in life

Wen v lie within d walls
Luking at d colors that r false

V wither away
Not rising in any way

Life needs a goal
To fill its hole

Don’t dump d hole with worriers
Caution! they may result in alive burries

Life may float as a tiny leaflet, on ocean vast
Or like a star in universe, it shall last

Choice is urs to choose d walk
N not to juz enjoy d lazy park

To park,is to rest n energise
N once u know it,u r wise

Each petty success u attain
Its d zeal that u ll maintain

Don’t think ur goal is impossibly big
Optimist’s spirit shall turn it possibly, as small as a fig

Once d richness of values u acquire
Ther may b nothing u require

So dnt get tangled to frothy lots
Juz remember u need to achive lots n lots..

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